As a homeowner, you’re very busy with work, family, and other activities. Dealing with home repair and maintenance jobs can interfere with your life and take up your valuable time.

In many cases, you may not have the experience, skills, and tools required to make repairs or maintain your home properly and safely. What that means in many homes is that needed repairs and maintenance tasks just get put off for another time.

Eventually, they add up and cause worry, anxiety, and can even lead to safety issues. At Fix It Services Plus, I understand your dilemma, and that’s why I’m here for you.

As a full-service home handyman and contractor service in Conway and North Conway, NH I am ready to come to your home and professionally handle a single job or an entire list of home repair and maintenance jobs. My hourly rates and pricing are highly competitive. I will do my best to give you the best rate for the tasks that you need to be completed.


If you have issues in and around your home that need attention, a professional handyman service like Fix It Services Plus is an ideal way to take care of those problems with a single call. Instead of trying to line up a list of separate companies or trade specialists, I am your one-stop solution for every home repair and maintenance need. I can assure you that your work is done properly, quickly, and at a great price. Call me right away when:

  • You Notice Issues of Concern With Your Home – If you notice something in your home that worries you, like a faulty door lock, a flickering light, cracking peeling paint, or anything else that causes you concern, one call to my home repair handyman service will quickly get me out there to help you take care of the issue.
  • You Want to Fix Up Your Home – It’s hard to have complete satisfaction and enjoyment from your home if there are problems that need attention. Maybe the paint is getting old, you’d like a new electrical outlet near your favorite chair, or you want to install new window treatments. Anytime you need professional help with projects around your home call me first.
  • You’d Like to Do Some Remodeling – Adding features like an egress window or bathroom to your basement or French doors onto your deck or patio are popular, affordable remodeling projects. There are many more remodeling projects that can also add enjoyment to living. Calling me is a great way to get those remodeling projects completed quickly at a reasonable price.
  • You Have a List of Neglected Tasks – Fix It Services Plus should be your first call. I have the experience, skills, and tools needed to take care of your entire list in one visit. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and affordably all of those pesky problems can be solved.
  • You’re Selling Your Home – Your real estate agent will almost always give you a long, prioritized list of issues that might keep your house from bringing the best price or that may delay your sale. Call my home maintenance and repair company in Conway, NH first for professional services that will cut that list down to size quickly while you search for your new home.


Keeping your home beautiful, safe, and with all systems working properly is easy when you have a reliable, affordable handyman service on call for you. Don’t let problems worsen or live with a home that needs repair, updating, or remodeling. Solve any problem in your home and make it a more beautiful, comfortable place for your family to live by calling Fix It Services Plus. That’s why I’m here. Our professional, fast, reliable, and affordable services are as close as your phone. I’ll help you make your house the home you want it to be, at a price you can afford.

Fix It Services Plus is also a professional commercial handyman service. I specialize in small engine repair and automotive as well. My service areas include but are not limited to North Conway, Conway, Intervale, Jackson, Glen, Madison, Silver Lake, Albany, Eaton, Bartlett, and the entire Mt. Washington Valley area in New Hampshire.