Auto Detailing


Searching for an auto detailing service to keep your car looking like new? Need to have your car cleaned, polished and waxed by hand, in Center Conway?

With more than twenty-five years experience, you can count on Fix It Services Plus to keep your car looking good. And we pay attention to details by allowing more than enough time to get the job done right. Let us take your car up to the next level of clean!

 Seasonal Car Care

To keep your car looking like new, we recommend having it polished and waxed at least two times a years. Once in the spring to protect against acid rain and the UV rays of the summer sun and again in the fall to protect against winter ice, snow and road salt. Polishing removes surface contamination before it begins to affect the paint and restores maximum gloss.


Boat Detailing


Searching for a boat cleaning service to maintain and protect the appearance of your boat? Need to have your boat cleaned, polished and waxed in Center Conway?

You can count on Fix It Services Plus to keep your boat looking good right through the summer boating season. We specialize in smaller boats, under 25 feet in length and we pay attention to details by allowing more than enough time to get the job done right.

Seasonal Boat Care

There’s only one way to keep your boat looking like new and that’s to make sure it gets thoroughly cleaned, polished and waxed at the beginning of each season and again during the summer months. Polishing the fiberglass gelcoat helps to clean and condition the surface, resulting in a restoration of depth of gloss.

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